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Library associations

Library organizations in the Czech Republic

The libraries of the Czech Republic are represented by four organisations.

Table of contents:

SDRUK – The Czech Republic’s Library Association
AKVŠ – Association of Libraries of Czech Universities
SKIP – Association of Library and Information Professionals
AMG – Czech Association of Museums and Galleries

Association of Libraries of Czech Universities

Asociace knihoven vysokých škol ČR

University libraries are an integral part of universities; they enter the university’s educational and scientific-research process, the results and fulfilled goals of which move society forward.

The Association of Libraries of Czech Universities strives for the development and quality of Czech university libraries. It represents university libraries in conceptual meetings at a national and international level. It creates a foundation for cooperation with the aim of increasing openness, horizontal permeability, quality and efficiency of the services offered. It bases its activities on the strategic documents of each member university and creates suitable conditions for strengthening and developing both existing and new competencies of university libraries.

In 2019: 11,805,960 library units – 2,856,218 lent books – 14,440 study places – 28,343 training participants.

Czech Association of Museums and Galleries

Library Committee of the Czech Association of Museums and Galleries

Knihovnická komise Asociace muzeí a galerií

Main programme activities of the Library Committee of the AMG (Czech Association of Museums and Galleries)

1. Supporting the activities of libraries, museums and galeries

2. Cooperation with professional associations

3. Cooperation with the MK ČR (Ministry of Culture)

4. Educating librarians at museums and galleries

5. Presentation and promotion of the activities of museum and gallery libraries for the professional and lay public

The Czech Republic’s Library Association (SDRUK)

The Czech Republic’s Library Association

Sdružení knihoven ČR, SDRUK

The focus of this association is on:

  • Involvement in the activities of the Central Library Council and cooperation on strategic documents
  • Organizing events
  • Educating librarians
  • Submitting comments on legislation at a state level and legal advice
  • Library networking and creating platforms for collaboration


SDRUK organizes educational events for library managers and librarians. It is the organizer of the largest library event in the Czech Republic – the ‘Libraries of Today’ conference (held since 1993).


It is involved in educating librarians. It brings new topics, ideas and issues into the library environment. It maintains and develops projects in the long term, networking responsible organizations.

Initiation, facilitation and mediation

It initiates and moderates discussions about the current and future form of Czech librarianship. It connects topics inside and outside the library community, connects the library and non-library public, and mediates dialogue with potential clients, suppliers, and the world outside libraries.

Representation and lobbying

It is a representative of dialogue between the MPSV and MŠMT (Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports). It maintains active contact with state administration, the relevant ministries and regional representation. It is a strong voice for libraries. It is also aware of its responsibility to taxpayers and the founder.

Association of Library and Information Professionals

Svaz knihovníků a informačních pracovníků ČR, SKIP

SKIP strives for a continuous increase in the level of library and information work and the associated prestige of the field, and for the state, library founders and information institutions to create favourable conditions for their development and activity.

SKIP has over 1,800 members and is organized on a regional basis. It has ten regional committees. Sections, clubs and committees are in charge of professional activities.

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