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The portal Knihově is part of the basic infrastructure for the research of Czech book culture up to the year 1800 in the form of integrated bibliographic sources, explanatory texts and new research tools. The aim of the portal is to create a new platform for basic research on Czech book culture, taking into account its popularisation and educational potential.

The portal consists of the Database of Bibliographic Sources. Databases of modern bibliographic literature, and, most importantly, the Database of Manuscripts and Bibliography of Codicological Literature, were also incorporated into the portal as supporting databases. Completed records regarding printing production became the basis for its analytical visual representation on the Map of Print Production in Bohemia and Moravia Until 1800. The online Encyclopaedia of Books in the Czech Middle Ages and Early Modern Period is also connected to the portal.


Provenio is a project of the consortium of the National Museum (NM), the National Heritage Institute (NPÚ) and the National Library of the Czech Republic (NK ČR). It uses experience with researching book provenances at the NM and other members of the consortium. The goal of the project is to virtually reconstruct scattered provenance bohemical units in domestic and foreign libraries. The history of readership and book culture in general will be presented in the form of one virtual and four physical exhibitions, professional articles and monographs. We will also provide support for the care of historical collections in smaller museums, galleries and other memory institutions through the Certified Methodology of Research, Revision and Technical Record-Keeping of the Historical Book Collection, and experimental operation of an online form.

Virtual reconstruction and preparation of exhibitions are conditional on the mapping of provenance bohemical book units in our country (especially in castle libraries – NPÚ, NM, and in the Reserve Funds of the NK ČR and the Bibliotheca nationalis fund – NK ČR) and in relevant foreign libraries (Paris, Wroclaw, Görlitz, Bautzen, Regensburg, Zagreb – NM). The processing of provenance units in small libraries will support the experimental operation of the online form for simplified registration of book owners and provenance records.


An online library where you can find digital copies of prints from the 17th – 19th centuries. It allows you to view and search almost 4,000 small prints and books – books of cantastorias, prayers and other prints with amateur binding.

Spalicek is for everyone who wants to know how their great-great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers lived and what they enjoyed, for those who are looking for out of the ordinary entertainment, who want to learn and who are searching for inspiration for their own creative work. Cantastoria prints were not intended for quiet entertainment in the corner, they were meant for singing and telling stories.

The digital library can be used as source material for social science disciplines; it can be used by librarians and museum workers, and it can also serve as a novel tool for teachers at various school levels.

Kohoutí kříž (Rooster Cross) – ‘s Hohnakreiz

Die Studie (auf Deutsch)


Šumavské ozvěny (Echoes of Šumava) / Des Waldes Widerhall

This project of the Research Library of South Bohemia in České Budějovice deals with Šumava-German literature. This project, worked on since 1990, includes authors originally from Šumava in its broader cross-border definition, and other authors dealing with the given topic from the Middle Ages to the present day. Each represented author is presented with translated samples from his work and, in the case of poetry, also in the original language with a short profile and a picture; the publication also includes a study in Czech and German and digitised historical maps of Šumava.

The continuously expanded work currently contains data on 2,389 authors and over 6,000 samples, biographical data, profiles and bibliographic references, 35,000 documents in a picture annex, and explanations and dictionaries of dialect expressions.

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