Where is the Library Next Door?

Libraries are an integral part of the life of towns and cities, whether they are public, special, academic or museum libraries.

The Czech Republic (and its librarians and librarians) prides itself on having the densest library network in the world, due to the 1st Library Law from 1919, which made it “mandatory to establish a library in every municipality and a minority library where there was a non-national population.” The Act was intended to make education and information available to the widest possible sections of the population. And could anything has served better than libraries?

That’s why there are libraries in almost every village and town, perhaps everyone remembers the library they went to in their childhood years because it was easily accessible, it was within easy reach, just around the corner, behind this door.

But in the context of the partner country project, we can also see this idea metaphorically, because countries that are neighbours, that share borders and history, that share an interest in library development will work together in partnership. A library from next door, a library from Bohemia, a library from Germany.

So, the library next door is here. It is a presentation of Czech librarianship in Germany within the framework of the activities of the partnership project.