Municipal Library in Kralovice / Městská knihovna v Kralovicích

  • Sustainability
  • Community
  • Seniors
  • Media education
City size: to 5000
Type: Municipal
Markova tř. 2, 331 41 Kralovice, Jihozápad Česko

Contact person
Eliška Bartošová (The Czech Republic Libraries Association) , +420 603 544 149 ,


Virtual University of the Third Age in Kralovice

Typ: Sustainability Community Seniors Media education

Our library works as a consultation centre, organizing joint education. The Faculty of Economics and Management at CULS in Prague is the guarantor of the study programme. People entitled to state pension and disabled pensioners can study here regardless of age. Lessons are held at the consultation centre (library) once every 14 days, and each course contains 6 multimedia video lectures. If a student attends 6 individual lectures, he can participate in the graduation ceremony in the CULS auditorium. Senior citizens involved in the VU3V education programme improve their computer literacy and self-educate, for which they use recommended literature and the Internet. This education improves their quality of life. They make new friends while studying together, share experiences and support each other.

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