Dr. E. Bořický Library Milín / Knihovna Dr. E. Bořického Milín

  • Community
  • Seniors
City size: to 5000
Type: Communal
11. května 385, 262 31 Milín, Central Bohemia Czechia

Contact person
Dana Reiterová , knihovna@milin.cz

The founder of the library is the municipality of Milín. The library is an organizational component, located in the building of the Center for Leisure Activities. The library offers users the following services: regular book lending for registered readers, interlibrary loan service, black and white copying, bibliographic and information service, printing and scanning of documents, lamination, daily press, free internet access on computers, WiFi, sale of tourist business cards and views.
The library is the organizer or co-organizer of a number of events for the public. The editorial office of the local periodical (published by the municipality of Milín) is located in the library. Some associations also have their headquarters in the building, specifically the Milínek Mother’s Center that uses a separate playroom. Subjects are in close contact with the library.


Memories of the elderly in Milín

Typ: Community Seniors

We sometimes see the oldest generation as people who need help, lost in today's flood of information, people we have written off. The Dr. E. Bořický Library in Milín is attempting to prove the exact opposite by talking to local senior citizens about their lives, which are often the source of lots of interesting information and stories. This stops the elderly from feeling that they are unnecessary, and they can help enrich the local community with a history they may know nothing about. This programme has turned into a series published under the title "Lidová vzpomínková kronika" (People's Commemorative Chronicle) in special addendums to the Milín Newsletter (4 times a year with every new season).

Contact person

Dana Reiterová